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DigiTech iPB-10 iPad-Programmable Pedalboard posted by on

Since the introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010 an entirely new market of music tools have cropped up in the iPad’s wake—from tuners to recording apps and even amp modeling apps.

DigiTech has harnessed the power of the iPad and coupled it with their expertise in the pedal world to create the iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard. Rather than relying on custom computer hardware the iPB-10 instead uses the same iPad architecture used by thousands of app developers to create a processing machine that you can plug right into a multi-fx pedalboard shell. The combination of high quality touch display, iPad horsepower and Digitech’s modeling software—the iPB-Nexus app—creates an all-in-one amp and pedalboard combo that’s ready to rock the studio or stage. (more…)

School Children Make Music With 24 iPads posted by on

What did it sound like? Watch the video.

Back in our day, music technology at school consisted of fighting the other students for the home keyboard that had a single-finger chord button. Things have changed, though, as this video from Store Van Music demonstrates.

It’s the brainchild of Neil Johnston who, as well as writing music for the pro industry, also spends a large amount of his time working in schools and teaching children the joys of music technology.

In this case, he set up a 24-piece iPad performance – all the music was composed and performed on Apple’s tablet using GarageBand and a few other apps. There are, of course, other elements involved – guitars, drums, mics, MIDI controllers etc – but it seems that these were all hooked up to an iPad.

All in all, we think it’s a pretty impressive result. It’s sort of like a very British version of Glee: no one’s dancing and most people are sitting down.

King’s Speech Microphones Emulated In a Plug-in posted by on

The King’s Speech has become something of a movie sensation, scooping up awards left, right and centre and royally entertaining audiences, too. And now there’s even a music software tie-in (sort of), with Waves and Abbey Road Studios announcing The King’s Microphones.

This is the first collaboration between the plug-in developer and studio and models three mics that were recently restored and used in The King’s Speech. The idea is that these will give your recordings a vintage/lo-fi sound.

Discussing the project, Peter Cobbin, senior recording engineer at Abbey Road Studios, said “Last year I had the fantastic opportunity to use the microphones built for the British Royal family whilst recording the score for The King’s Speech. This year I am proud that the combined efforts of Abbey Road Studios and Waves have produced a wonderful authentic plug-in that captures the very essence of these beautiful and rare microphones.”

Waves describes the included microphones as follows:

– H.M. King George V model:
This Carbon microphone was designed by Marconi-Reisz circa 1925. It consists of fine carbon dust held between output electrodes, fronted by a mica diaphragm and encased in a grand marble shell. Carbon microphones are rarely used today. Despite the model’s limited bandwidth and relatively high noise floor, it was one of the best microphones available at the time, and this particular microphone and plugin have a wonderful colored sound unlike any mics manufactured today.

– H.M. King George VI and H.M. Queen Elizabeth models:
Both of these microphones were based on the EMI CPM201 model. These moving coil microphones were specially built in 1936, encased in silver by G&S Co Ltd of London. The diaphragm is made of PVC and shaped almost like a loudspeaker cone. It is presumed these microphones were designed for outside broadcast, as they are more robust than the more popular ribbon microphones of the time.

You can find out more about The King’s Microphones on the Waves website. It costs $99.

Guitar Pro 6 Software Review posted by on

Arobas Music has recently released the latest edition of their famous guitar tablature scoring software, Guitar Pro 6, and it’s better than ever. Guitar Pro 6 comes with all the features of the previously released versions, but also has many new features and options, that I can’t wait to dig in.

The completely redesigned interface is one of the coolest new options, allowing you to view and access every tool from a single window. Its several viewing options range from screen or page mode, horizontal or vertical scrolling, monotrack, multitrack, and full screen mode, all with a zooming tool that decreases or increases the score from 25-800%, accommodating the spectrum from eagle eyes to blind as a bat and all points in between.

Guitar Pro 6 also comes with new editing tools that allow you to adjust the sizes of the measures in the score by hand, the application of 4-voice writing for a more accurate score, and a fully customizable style sheet that will customize your score based on classic or jazz styles, set up to 70 different parameters, and configure the score to a professional level.

The new RSE2 is a completely redesigned sound module that comes more than 100 sound banks, 50 effects pedals and amps, new integrated presets, and the ability to reconfigure the sound of each track. You can slow down or speed up your score, transpose it, or loop a particular section in speed trainer mode. Each track can be fully customized, allowing you to notated specific things such as the use of open tunings, capos, partial capos, or even 7-string guitars. (more…)

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for iPhone posted by on

“If you’re even remotely into music, you’re going to want to check this one out.” -Joshua Schnell, macgasm

“Camp fires and rock parties will never be the same with this nifty program that just hit the App Store” -Christian Zibreg, 9 to 5 Mac

Please be sure you are running the latest iOS for the optimal experience!

The Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a list of more than 600 of the most popular and influential songs of all time. Arranged by artist and song title, the songs cover a variety of musicians and genres illustrating the evolution of rock and roll over the last century. Search the list of songs, learn more about the selections, hear the iTunes previews or purchase and download the songs to your device! The Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll were selected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum curatorial staff and a number of rock critics and historians, and includes both inductees and non-inductees alike. For more information visit

iPhone Rhino Musical Aptitude Test posted by on

Think you know a lot about music? Well, friend, time to put your money where your mouth is and prove you have what it takes to be The World’s Biggest Music Geek? Find out with the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test! Based on the legendary SAT-style test administered around the world at record stores, the Rhino Musical Aptitude Test (RMAT) is the ultimate music trivia challenge featuring more than 1,200 brain-busting and genre-bending questions and is perfect for anyone that loves music and trivia.

Using multiple choice questions across four levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard, and expert), the RMAT requires players to correctly answer five questions per level before advancing to the progressively more difficult rounds. Each game offers players the chance to deploy three life-saving Guitar Picks, which bring down the number of possible answers from four to two. However, three strikes (incorrect answers) during any given level and you’re out! Featuring all of your favorite artists from ABBA to ZZ Top, the RMAT is jam-packed with enough trivia throughout all the musical genres you’ve come to know and love to keep even the biggest music geek busy for hours on end!

“On The Music Path” iPad App -1 On 1 Lessons by Master Musicians posted by on

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ — Imagine taking in-depth, one-on-one guitar lessons from Jackson Browne or Richard Thompson.  These are among the rarefied experiences offered by On The Music Path, a new iPad app designed to teach users to play real instruments with instruction from world-class musicians. Lessons are shot in high-definition video by award-winning cinematographer Alan Kozlowski, who developed the app with business partner Derek Penn.  On The Music Path offers insight and inspiration to students from beginners to advanced players, building an archive of wisdom from master practitioners passing down their art to future generations.

In addition to Browne and Thompson, world-renowned artists teaching On The Music Path master classes include: Marcia Ball, Roscoe Beck, Michael Chapdelaine, Luis Conte, Steve Ferrone, Steve Postell, Lee Ritenour, Vonda Shepard, Leland Sklar, Kenny Sultan, Scott Tennant, and even the legendary Ravi Shankar.  The range of lessons will continue to grow as the app’s repertoire evolves. (more…)

QR Codes posted by on

Have you seen a QR Code floating around? Maybe you’ve seen them in magazines, posters or business cards. I’ve seen them, as well, and wondered what I’m supposed to do with them. Ignorance in technology is not bliss! Great explanation here.

Musikmesse 2011: Steinberg announces Cubase Elements 6 posted by on

Musikmesse 2011 Press Release: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today is happy to announce the release of Cubase Elements 6, the smallest retail version to complete the latest Cubase lineup.

Based on the same core technologies that are also implemented in the two bigger versions, Cubase Elements 6 offers a comprehensive feature set ideal at an exceptional price.

Cubase Elements 6 will be available at the end of May, both as boxed or download version from the Steinberg Online Shop and as boxed version from authorized Steinberg resellers for RRP EUR 99.99/GBP 84.70.

Unlocking the way to Steinberg’s popular world of music production software, Cubase Elements 6 comprises a wealth of proven features alongside various highlights introduced in the Cubase 6 product line.

By incorporating the award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with flexible routing and fully automatic delay compensation, buyers can have the benefit of the same sound quality enjoyed by professionals around the world.

Over 550 mind-blowing presets spanning across the HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument, the Prologue synthesizer and the MPC-style Groove Agent ONE drum machine plus 33 audio effects provide an extensive range of sound variation which can be stored and accessed within its MediaBay file and preset management system. (more…)

7 part “how to” Pro Tools lesson “4 track recording” posted by on

This is a 7 part ‘how to’ using Pro Tools to make a 4 track recording. All 7 videos should run automatically or just use the slider bar on either side of the video to move forward or backward through the lessons.

Pro Tools, Digidesign ICON D-Command and lots ...

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